Lallis Voutsinos Papakonstantinou (LVP), formerly Lallis Voutsinos Anagnostopoulos (LVA),is a Greek law firm founded in Piraeus by its original founders – Gerry Lallis, Dimitrios Voutsinos and Nikos Anagnostopoulos. The firm was founded in May 1982 – in essence succeeding the well known Piraeus law firm of the late Themistocles Valsamakis, established in the 1930’s – and was intended, originally, to provide consulting and litigation services in the shipping law sector. In May 2017, Nikos Anagnostopoulos,  left the firm and Anna Papakonstantinou, a partner of the firm since 2004, succeeded him in rank in the practice’s name.

LVP was established as a traditionally shipping law firm. Over the years, however, through its cooperation with many distinguished – both domestically and internationally – law firms and clients, LVP, by the late ‘80s, had burst into an internationally acknowledged, trusted and prominent (mainly) shipping, insurance and commercial law firm.

Since its foundation, and by its very early steps, LVP has provided its  services through its involvement in the investigation and/or litigation of a great number of major marine casualties and maritime frauds and in the provision of legal advice in the most perplex and unsettled areas of – both continental and common – shipping and commercial law, thus acquiring a first class experience in these fields. Over the years, the firm has acted for numerous international law firms, Greek and foreign insurance companies, P&I Clubs, shipowners, banks, oil refineries, classification societies, charterers, industries, traders etc.

Since 1992, the firm has been particularly active in medical law and medical malpractice insurance. The firm has been providing its services to Greek doctors, hospitals, clinics and medical malpractice insurance companies, in relation to civil or penal proceedings.

Since 2000, the firm has expanded and acquired experience in the field of general civil and professional liability insurance, providing consulting and litigation services to insurers (domestic and international) in connection with insurance claims arising, inter alia, from accidents at work (labour/industrial accidents), hotels and animation parks, public places etc,  from the provision of professional services (accountants, insurance brokers etc) and from product liability.